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2020 Grammy Awards and How Gays Are Trying to Gay Up Country Music

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For years gays have fantasized about converting the country music industry to homosexuality.

With his rugged chapped hands, tight blue jeans and squinting eyes and graying temples showing weathered experience with the lasso and romping, the American cowboy and farmer cannot help but be a tantalizing meat for the gay palate.

Unfortunately for gays, 98% of men who listen to country music and identify as either ‘country’ or ‘farmer’ are affirmed men of morality. They have normal families,

Gay cowboy is an oxymoron: tight, fitted jeans, expensive leather boots and the skill to masterfully ride a bucking stallion brings imagery far removed from homosexuality to the mind.

Yet look above: pink vested suits studded with jewels, hidden faces and black first lady church hats: this is not country music, but thanks to the gay liberal cowboy country agenda it is now becoming a thing.

Perhaps the most terrifying thing of all this is how the Grammy awards didn’t even see it is controversial. The person who made the song – Lil Nasty X – has a massive following as the song is featured on video games, tv commercials and even has Billy Ray Cyrus and friends collaborating with it, making it just 1 degree of separation from Miley, Disney and fun for the whole family.

I don’t want to see the stats but I’m going to guess some good ol’ country boys started thinking about getting some pink Wranglers or adding some sequins to their belts after realizing this auto-tuned song that had to be cheated out of the top spot in the country charts is actually a new gay victory anthem for their most coveted demographic.

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