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A Dad’s Disney+ Review

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Several years ago, I decided to cut the cord to cable television. The five or six channels we actually watched out of 200 always came in clear and reliably, but getting the surprise ‘price hikes’ when whatever bundle deal expired got really old really fast.

Our family decided to get a Roku-enabled smart TV. We immdiately picked a Sling package and got Netflix for additional on-demand movies and tv. That all worked well for some time.

But then Disney/ABC decided they wanted to enter the streaming game. I laughed and scoffed. HAHA ABC, I will not pay. But then a group of cute eyes asked us for Disney+ as their school friends sang its accolades and there was a free 7 day trial. Why not?

That why not because a ‘Why didn’t we get this sooner’.


Like all other tv apps, Disney plus offers a new take on Blockbuster scroll throughs. The title of all the offerings on the service scroll through by category, a rectangle front showing the title flanked by a description.

There are options to add items to a playlist for later and all the standards one would expect.

There is actually nothing very surprising but one thing: Disney magic.

There is something special about seeing titles you remember from childhood but having them *ALL on demand for you and your kids to enjoy. Our first move we watched was the original Jungle Book.

From that moment on, we were hooked. Every movie so far has streamed with great clarity and no interruptions. At $6.99 a month this is an investment well worth it. Let us hope ABC/Disney can keep the the good price.

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  • Numerous Disney, Pixar titles and more


  • Another streaming service
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