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Daytime Emmy Awards: Mr Fred Rogers Acceptance Speech

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  • “Take ten seconds of silence. I’ll watch the time.”

The world is in peril. A civilian airliner being tragically shot down while two countries stand at the brink of war is just a media blip. Congressional splits and jurisprudence is corrupt, a product of societal unrest and voter opinion shaped by biases on social media.

In such a world falling into dire habits reminiscent of the darkest moments of the the prior century, a man like Fred Rogers is someone who could shine a light on what we need as humanity at this moment: compassion.

Mr. Fred Rogers – Ten Seconds of Silence

In his acceptance speech at the Daytime Emmy awards, Mr. Rogers — in his measured and thoughtful approach — urged those around him to take 10 seconds of silence.

In today’s world of constant connection, it is important to take time to think about others and how the world is affecting them.

It is said during times of great tragedy and unexpected events humans have the best ability to put aside differences and come together in unity. Perhaps it is because it times of tragedy, we do what we can do in silence: clear our mind of what may seem like the biggest issues, but also be considerate of others.

Much as win actor Tom Hanks portrayed Mr. Rogers in Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood movie, we can also emulate behavior of a good natured guy to defeat all the negative tragedy and unexpected events generated in this age of social media.

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