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People Who Cannot Drop $100 Immediately On Their Pet Shouldn’t Have Pets At All

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People who cannot afford to spend an immediately $100 dollars on care for their pet do not deserve to have their pet at all.

Let me give you an example.

Over the weekend, a friend invited me to a football party one of her friends’ homes. The party was great, the food was good and the games were well worth watching.

One of the party goers — Amy — brought her dog to the party (a little Yorkie) and it was surprisingly calm with all the noise and chaos.

She let the dog into the backyard during a game break and we all heard a loud shriek come from the back. Amy’s dog cut its small, sweet little paw on some splintered pieces from the back deck.

We all naturally told her, “Go! Get to the vet!” Amy started crying. She didn’t have pet insurance. It turns out that her vet clinic would charge a $100 after hours fee, on top of whatever they billed out for seeing the cut.

Like a steroid infused Barbarian charging civilized Rome in ancient times, Amy pulls this set of Tweezers out of her purse and proceeds to yank the splinter out of that poor Yorkie’s paw.

What sort of dark ages bull is this? Amy refused our demands to take her dog in and instead decided to be a Medieval surgeon. I’m sure that dog will get some infection worse than the Bubonic plague setting into that little paw.

Several off us offered to keep that dog for the rest of the weekend and take her in. Amy insisted, “No” and came right back in, holding that dog and feeding it nacho chips. I’ve never been so upset.

Listen, if you are too poor to have a simple $100 to immediately take your dog in for emergency care, then just do everyone a favor and do not get a dog.

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