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Proof That The Chiefs Cheated To Win Super Bowl LIV

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In this post I will prove that the Chiefs cheated to win Super Bowl LIV.

  • The Out of Bounds Step
  • In the eye of your mind, draw a vertical line up from the orange pylon. You will notice it does not intersect the ball.
  • Chiefs fans will show you this clip .5 second later when the ball is over the pylon, but the feet are blatantly out of bounds here and five second later.
  • 2. The Kittles Call
  • Why is it that penalties are not called evenly?

One of the greatest athletes in America’s history, Jerry Rice, was not rubbed the right way with this one and if this happened to the Chiefs, they would have every right to complain too.

So far we are looking at a 14 point turn around with two bad calls. That already puts the Niners up by 14 points.

Look, KC Chiefs fans, everyone is happy that for the first time in fifty years you get to the big game. But that does not mean you cheat to win it.

Chiefs fans are trying to deny the evidence in front of them like it does not exist. I know Kansas is a little behind on the times and that electricity is still being spread throughout the state (they had to have their parade in their ‘Powered Lights District” because apparently all of Kansas City does not have electricity, which is somewhat comical if not sad), but if you have a phone or even a light bulb you can see the evidence in front of you, day or night.

That leads to probably the most blatant penalty of this game: the targeting of Jimmy Garappolo.

The Chiefs are a rough and tumble bunch. For years, down South fans of the Raiders tried to warn that the Chiefs and their fans are a rough and tumble bunch. Well, from the play above we can see evidence that it is true. But why wasn’t the blatant penalty called?

All over the Internet, you will find the Chiefs fans on social media bragging and preparing for their dynasty. And if this is how it’s all called, they are right. Mahomes will probably go on and win 7 or 8 Super Bowls. Who can stop these guys if they can get away with this stuff?

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