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Should America Deport Shakira and Jennifer JLO Lopez For That RAUNCHY DEVIL Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show?

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Warning: This article contains discussion and imagery of THE DEVIL AT WORK via two women who caused sin to fall into millions of eyes last night during the Super Bowl LIV.

After the beautiful rendition of the national anthem by Yolanda Adams and knowing that the Super Bowl was being hosted on Fox, millions of moral families took comfort that the game would be good and wholesome.

Quickly, and quite shamefully, this all turned out to be a lie.

The game was just a softcore porn fest. One of the teams had questionble sexuality as they were from the gay mecca areas of California. Those boys from San Francisco really did seem to enjoy sacking and roughing up that poor moral half-blood Patrick Mahomes from Kansas City. Kansas is a proud, Trump supporting state and the per capita homosexuality there is at all time lows, but that’s not even the point today!

For some reason the NFL decided to attack everything important and Fox let it air. They took two women — one from Mexico and one a communist from the ‘Bloc’ and let them unleash an eyefest of sin.

I watched the game in the gymnasium of my church and let me tell you, the men of the cloth could not take their eyes away from the screen and their Wives were just sitting there like me in awe.

It is frustrating enough that Shakira and Jlo’s combined age is 93 and they are dressed like that, but it is downright infuriating that Jlo was climbing a poll and Shakira’s jiggles from the back made one of the assistant pastors have to cover up a bulge in his pants.

On my Twitter I was verbally abused for expressing my ire about all of this. Franklin Graham denounced all of this after he was forced to hear about it. Thank goodness President Trump was not there and subjected to this international hoocherie.

Someone needs to tell the NFL that horny men and illegals are not the only ones who watch football!

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