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The NFL Super Bowl Halftime Show Put Me In Danger of Hellfire, And I Want An Apology

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The NFL halftime show reached into my pants and made unnatural, unexpected things happen.

As we saw in the Harvey Weinstein media circus, no means no. A person does not have the right to make unwanted advances on you and make your body do things you don’t want.

Yet, the Super Bowl halftime show hired Shakira and Jennifer Lopez to arouse me and I did not like it. There was no warning. There was no message that said, ‘Please, cover your ears and look away because we are giving you a stripper show.’

It is bad enough that women and children had to see these things, but it is also bad for us single men of the cloth who are living the straight edge life.

For all the trauma men across the world experienced, it is only reasonable that Shakira and Jlo make a personal apology to us. They should promise to not do it again and also pay for emotional damage plus any counseling to deal with all the post trauma stress dreams we are surely to have. Let alone all the men who may be facing divorce for having the thoughts of Satan tighten their pants as Satan took firm grip of his scepter via the gyrating hips of these two jezzies of Babylon.

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