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The Top Five Best Soul Food Foods Of All Time

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When you are invited to the family gathering or cookout, there are five best soul foods that someone in your family has mastered. You go a full long year waiting for just another taste of these soul food classics. Here they are rated, the top five best that everyone agrees with:

Ultimate Soul Food: Green Bean Casserole
  1. Green Bean Casserole

There is nothing people love to see more at the family gathering than the green bean casserole. Crisp green beans, Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup, dried onions: this is the ultimate soul food.

With just a pinch of salt to taste this dish will always be the first one to run out, so if you are bringing it it’s a good idea to make two.

Perfect down South greens recipe for family gathering: fresh greens adorned with fruits and vinaigrette.

2. Greens

Greens just like your grandmama used to make. Every crisp, fresh bite of greens leave people at the family gathering feeling nostalgic. Putting just the right amount of vinaigrette on the greens gives it that classic down home comfort feeling as you eat them which is what makes this timeless soul food classic number two on the all time greatest soul food list.

3. Classic Macaroni and Cheese

Number three on the all time list is Macaroni and Cheese. Velveeta creamy cheese melted over al-dente noodles, seasoned up a notch with the addition of orange carrots and deep green broccoli: this dish has been a go-to staple for the soul food community for many years.

Some people like to add a bit of white wine and vinegar to this classic dish to give it an extra tangy kick, making it pair nicely with the next soul food on the list…

BBQ chicken, seasoned with a pinch of salt to taste and grape tomato reduction with garlic, honey and chives.

4. BBQ Chicken

Tender white chicken breasts. A light drizzling of a whole tomato and garlic balsamic reduction, with just a very gently pinched bit of salt to taste makes one of the favorite dishes enjoyed by soul food aficianados.

Every soul food restaurant and at home table has a slight variation of the most easily recognized version of this recipe as pictured. The recipe is quite simple:

  1. Sliced chicken breast. Get thick, dry slices to soak up the vinagerette and BBQ on a grill.
  2. While meat comes to temperature, prepare a light sauce by combining honey, smashed garlic gloves and slightly depressed cherry tomatoes in a dish.
  3. When BBQ chicken is done on grill, lightly drizzle mixture over the top.
  4. Be very careful when seasoning this dish with a pinch of salt, as most people will find the garlic and tomato already to season heavy. It is probably best to do without any salt on this delicious BBQ.

5. Lime Jello Salad

After a rich, savory meal there is not a more quintessential soul food desert than lime jello salad. The salad was a stable in the antebellum South and continues to persevere as a favorite soul food. Adding walnuts to the dish can bring an extra bit of excitement.

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