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Why Did Shakira Stick Her Tongue Out and Wiggle It During Superbowl LIV Performance

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America was quick to make commentary on the Super Bowl LIV’s halftime show.

The show featured renowned artists Shakira and Jennifer Lopez.

Amidst the bright, flashing lights and scantily clad gyrations of the hips, there were plenty of moments that had social media abuzz.

One of those moments included when Shakira looked straight into the camera and started to wiggle her tongue. Why did Shakira start to wiggle her tongue around?

The answer is actually quite simple and a great lesson in culture.

Shakira comes from a rich, diverse ancestry. A part of her Afro-Columbian roots were on display. The tongue gesture is apparently called the zaghrouta and is done to show immense happiness and joy. So therefore Shakira stuck her tongue out to express happiness.

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